Adele Says Her New Album is A Letter to Her Son

Friday, 08-October-2021 21:00

Image : ANTARA/Instagram/adele

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - For the first time, Adele talks about her fourth album '30', which is a letter to her child and the ups and downs of her emotional journey.

"I had to prepare myself to be famous again, and I didn't really like being famous," Adele said, as reported by Variety on Friday (10/08/2021).

In the last five years, the 'Hello' singer married and raised her son Angelo. She is now divorced from her husband, Simon Konecki.

Adele says the new album sheds light on her changing life, but in the end it's a letter to her now 9-year-old son.

"My son has a lot of questions, really good questions, really innocent questions, which I don't have an answer to, like, 'why can't we live together?' I just felt like explaining to him through this recording," Adele said.

"When he is in his twenties or thirties, he will understand who I am and why I voluntarily chose to destroy his entire life in pursuit of my own happiness. It made him very unhappy at times and it was a real wound for me. I don't know if I can heal that would," she continued.

Adele got married in 2018 when she was 30, and says her upcoming album will be about breaking up and getting back up.

She also explained what she hoped for in the album '30' and compared it to her two previous best-selling albums. On the album '21', Adele admits she doesn't really remember it, it's just that at that time she really felt she was.

On the album '25', Adele became more aware of being a new mother. She knows what people want and don't want from her music.

"But with this one ('30'), I made it very consciously and for the first time in my life, I realized what I wanted," said the "Someone Like You" singer.

On her upcoming new album, Adele teams up with Greg Kurstin, the musician who helped her create '25'. There are also names like Max Martin, Inflo, and Ludwig Goransson, Academy Award winner for 'Black Panther' scoring. There are no guest musicians or collaborations on the album.

Adele said that the album '30' is a rollercoaster of her emotions.

"I feel like this album is self-destruction, then self-reflection and then a kind of self-redemption. But I feel ready, I really want people to hear my side of the story this time," Adele said.

Adele's debut single 'Easy On Me' from her new album will be released on October 15, as reported by Antara.

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