Bandung Tightens Restrictions on Business Activities amid Rise in COVID-19 Transmission

Wednesday, 16-June-2021 18:07

Bandung Mayor Oded M Danial
Image : Antara
Bandung Mayor Oded M Danial

BANDUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Bandung city administration in West Java Province has tightened restrictions on activities in business places such as markets, malls, restaurants, tourist attractions, and hotels for the next 14 days. This measure was taken following the rise in cases of COVID-19 transmission in the area.

Bandung Mayor Oded M Danial said in Bandung, Wednesday (06/16/2021) that the tightening of restrictions on the operation of places of business activities was carried out in accordance with the direction of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, who announced that the Greater Bandung area was on Alert 1 status.

"Based on the evaluation earlier, the development of active cases in Bandung City when viewed from the development from December 2020 to June 2021, there was a very significant spike, especially in May to June 2021," said Oded.

Oded said that during the tightening of activity restrictions, restaurants, cafes, and street vendors were only allowed to operate until 19:00 Indonesian western time. After that time limit, no dine ins are allowed.

"Restaurant tenants are not allowed to eat on the spot, they are only allowed to order and take home," said Oded.

He continued that during the tightening of activity restrictions, shopping centers such as malls and retail stores may only operate until 19:00, and traditional markets must be closed at 10:00.

Activities in the hotel sector are also restricted. The Bandung mayor said hotels are not allowed to organize activities or facilitate the organization of activities that bring many people, including weddings.

He added that holding weddings other than at hotels is still allowed, on condition that the audience is limited to a maximum of 50 people.

The mayor asked all parties to increase their preparedness to deal with the potential for the rising transmission of COVID-19.

"I also want to express appreciation and gratitude to all health workers and their families wherever they are, who continue to provide services for the communities," said Oded.

As of now, the number of COVID-19 patients who are still undergoing treatment and quarantine is recorded at 1,375 people, as reported by Antara.

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