Commission VIII Appreciates and Praises Social Affairs Minister for Quick Response in Resolving Social Aid Issues

Thursday, 07-October-2021 20:18

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (center) at Takalar, South Sulawesi.
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (center) at Takalar, South Sulawesi.

TAKALAR, NETRALNEWS.COM - Commission VIII of the Indonesian House of Representatives have expressed appreciation and praise to Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini. The legislators witnessed how the complexities of managing Social Assistance (Bansos) could be resolved in one meeting.

The statement was made by Commission VIII member Samsu Niang while accompanying the Minister of Social Affair during a visit to Takalar, South Sulawesi. The Minister of Social Affairs was present in Takalar to lead the social assistance data matching meeting in the South Sulawesi region.

"I think we should appreciate the Social Affairs Minister in the context of cross-checking on the ground regarding channel data in South Sulawesi. It turned out that we found a lot of (social aid) that had not been distributed. And today it has been cleared. We appreciate the Minister for being quick and responsive in solving problems," said Samsu Niang at the data matching event at the Pangurangi Takalar Social Rehabilitation Workshop, South Sulawesi, on Thursday (10/07/2021).

According to him, the Social Affairs Minister's move by bringing various parties, including representatives of the Himbara member banks, heads of provincial and district social services, assistants and regional coordinators in one place, is considered to be able to quickly overcome the problem of distributing social assistance.

So that with this meeting, all parties can directly conduct data titles and clarifications on the spot. With the presence of stakeholders in one forum, it has cut bureaucratic lines which often make communication lines longer.

"A problem that has not been resolved so far has been resolved today. The Minister of Social Affairs summoned Himbara member banks, the head of the social services office, the regency province, the coordinator for the regional coordinator. This is all to speed up distribution to the beneficiaries," he said.

Samsu said that when the need arose to summon Beneficiary Families (KPM), it could be presented quickly. Within an hour, the beneficiaries immediately arrived to receive government social assistance.

"Imagine that within an hour these beneficiaries (can) be brought in directly. We will hand over this (Bansos) directly. Their houses are far away (but can be) communicated (to the party who) picks them up," said Samsu.

In a manner directed by the Minister of Social Affairs, there is no reason for KPMs not to come, as to be able to come, the KPM has prepared a car and then picked up.

"This is to prove that the social assistance data is indeed valid. There are data and there are recipients. And they can receive that help today. In Maros, Makassar, there is another (same case)," he said.

On the same occasion, Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, explained that in the South Sulawesi region, the amount of social assistance data that has not been distributed is quite large. According to her, in Maros Regency, there are 578 KPMs in stage 1 that have not been distributed. Not to mention there were 18,225 additions in stage 2.

"The data that has not been distributed is what we have finished. (Among the problems is that there are KPMs) whose cards have not been distributed and (aid) have not been distributed. The number is quite large," she said.

Meanwhile, in Gowa Regency, said Risma, there are 2,400 KPMs that have not received Social Assistance. For this reason, she requested that the distribution be done in cash or all at once.

"This is a large number compared to other regions. It's a shame if it doesn't materialize, even though people need it," Risma said.

In addition, said Risma, there were various other cases that were found, including remote KPM locations, and elderly KPMs, so that the realization of distribution was low.

"There are cases of remote locations, for example in Luwu the channel is very low. I said it was impossible to just take old cards, there were no facilities. We ask the bank to provide assistance in cash," she said.

The Minister of Social Affairs requested that the assistance, which should have been disbursed in July and September, was paid in full in cash by this October.

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