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Gaikindo Postpones GIIAS 2021 Automotive Exhibition to September 9-19

Jumat, 02-Juli-2021 14:00

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illustration: auto show

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), the largest automotive exhibition event in Indonesia, is set to be postponed to September 9-19, 2021. The exhibition was earlier set to be conducted on August 12-22, 2021.

In this case, the postponement is based on health reasons, and also due the COVID-19 pandemic which has not yet subsided in Indonesia. The decision to postpone the exhibition is the best measure to protect all parties.

"Delaying the implementation of GIIAS has become a joint decision of GAIKINDO and its members, with the hope that in September the situation will be more conducive to holding GIIAS again," said general chairman of Gaikindo Yohannes Nangoi in an official statement on Friday (07/02/2021).

Gaikindo previously had prepared everything so that this exhibition could still be run by implementing health protocols in the midst of a pandemic. In addition, coordination with various parties has also been established with various relevant government agencies to ensure that GIIAS 2021 can take place safely and comfortably.

Gaikindo has also conveyed the postponement of the implementation of this international automotive exhibition to various parties who provide full support for the organization of this exhibition, one of which is the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, which welcomed GAIKINDO's decision, and stated that it would continue to provide full encouragement and support for the implementation of GIIAS 2021 in next September.

Chairman III and Chairman of the Gaikindo Exhibition Organizer, Rizwan Alamsjah, also said that the Brand Holder Agents (APM) of Gaikindo members have one voice in prioritizing public health and safety in the midst of the corona virus outbreak in Indonesia.

"The spirit to encourage the rise of the Indonesian automotive industry through the implementation of GIIAS is still the goal of Gaikindo, but it is hoped that with this postponement, the implementation of GIIAS on September 9-19 2021 will be able to take place safely and comfortably for all parties," said Rizwan.

Despite the postponement of the schedule, his office will not change the preparations for the implementation of GIIAS in September, that GIIAS 2021 will continue to carry out strict and detailed health procedures, towards its implementation in September this will continue to be coordinated with relevant agencies.

The GIIAS 2021 exhibition will take place offline at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)-BSD, with visitor arrangements in accordance with the implementation of health protocols based on Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability.

Not only that, in order to carry out strict health protocols, the GIIAS 2021 exhibition will later be equipped with the GIIAS Auto360 online platform.

"We hope that the national health situation will improve in the near future, so that participants are ready, visitors are also ready, and it is possible to carry out GIIAS this September safely and comfortably," Rizwan added.

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