Hundreds of Youths and Social Pillars Do Clean Up Community Service at Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery

Monday, 01-November-2021 10:00

Many youths and social pillar members have taken part in community service to clean up the Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery complex.
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Many youths and social pillar members have taken part in community service to clean up the Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery complex.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - More than 100 youths from Scouts and social pillars lined up neatly at 07.00 local time in the main square of the North Kalibata North National Heroes Cemetery (TMPNU). They are part of the 520 participants who carry out community service activities in commemoration of National Heroes Day 2021.

They are a combination of various elements of society, including employees of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Scouts, Community Social Workers Association (IPSM), Youth Organizations, District Social Workers (TKSK), Indonesian National Hero Family Association (IKPNI) and the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT). With great enthusiasm, the line seemed to be marching towards the 16 designated points in the VIP complex area of ​​TMPNU Kalibata (10/31/2021).

Spread over an area of ​​25 hectares, all sides of TMPNU Kalibata are being cleaned. Some are in charge of cleaning tombstones, pulling grass, sweeping dry leaves, painting and planting orchids to beautify the tombs.

The community service, which was carried out for the first time in a series of commemorating National Heroes Day, was not just physical work, but there were noble values ​​implemented in it.

"This activity is a real action to instill values ​​of concern for the younger generation and the public for the services of heroes," said Director of Heroism, Pioneering, Solidarity and Social Restoration of the Ministry of Social Affairs ,Murhardjani, on Monday (11/01/11/2021).

Agreeing with Murhardjani, Nurdin (41), Deputy Chairperson of the Guidance of Young Scouts Jakarta Members, said that this community service is an opportunity to grow new spirits and look back on the struggles of the heroes.

“The young scouts can actualize themselves in fulfilling independence according to their age, and are useful for the public," said Nurdin.

Unity and the spirit of gotong royong (mutual cooperation), social pillars, also colored this activity. A number of PSM from Bekasi, Bogor, Tangerang and DKI Jakarta worked hand in hand with Karang Taruna and TKSK to clean the graves to the left of the tomb area. However, they still maintain health protocols so that activities run safely and smoothly.

Murhardjani hopes that the noble values ​​of heroism will always be preserved among the younger generation.

"What is important is real action from all levels of society to instill it in the life of the nation and state," said Murhardjani.

Previously, the series of commemoration of National Heroes Day began with a competition for scientific works of heroism which was participated by high school students from all provinces in Indonesia. There were 10 out of 26 participants who made it to the final. The juries from Universitas Indonesia has determined the winner on October 26, 2021.

It does not stop there, the embodiment of heroic values ​​will also be carried out in the next series of activities including the National Pilgrimage Ceremony at TMPNU Kalibata, the Wreath Laying Ceremony at sea, and the National Hero Award Ceremony at the State Palace which will be held on November 10, 2021 with a total of limited participation according to health protocols.

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