Indonesia Eyes Hosting Olympic in 2036

Wednesday, 21-July-2021 20:40

Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) chairperson Raja Sapta Oktohari
Image : ANTARA
Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) chairperson Raja Sapta Oktohari

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) is aiming to host the 2036 Olympics, after failing to host the quadrennial Games for the 2032 edition.

Chairman of KOI Raja Sapta Oktohari admitted that the failure did not necessarily make his party resign, and would again bring Indonesia forward in the bidding for the 2036 Olympics.

"It's like a saying that you hold the coals of fire, let them become charcoal. That is, do everything with patience. The decision (Brisbane) did not make us withdraw (to host the Olympics)," said the man who is familiarly called Okto, on Wednesday (07/21/2021).

Indonesia must bury its dream of hosting the 2032 Olympics after Brisbane, Australia, was officially selected to host it based on the results of a vote at the 138th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session General Meeting in Tokyo, on Wednesday (07/21).

In the vote, Brisbane won by a landslide with 72 votes out of a total of 77 IOC members who had valid voting rights.

Brisbane was the only candidate brought to the meeting after the IOC approved the Executive Council's proposal to host the Queensland state capital as the host of the 2032 Olympics, following a recommendation by the Commission to Host the Future Olympics in February.

Prior to being brought to the IOC meeting, Brisbane was also the only candidate who had received targeted dialogue status, while Indonesia was only at the continuous dialogue stage.

The bidding process for the 2032 Olympics host uses a new format. Countries that are interested in becoming the organizer of the world's largest four-year sporting event must go through several stages, namely interested party, continuous dialogue, targeted dialogue, and then becoming the preferred host.

“Indonesia has a continuous dialogue status, and only one targeted dialogue has been chosen by the future host commission, namely Brisbane. We will not back down and want to keep fighting to host the Olympics by becoming the only targeted dialogue for the 2036 Olympics," explained Okto, as reported by Antara.

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