Malaysian PM Announces Nationwide COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Plan

Tuesday, 15-June-2021 23:00

Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
Image : Antara
Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

KUALA LUMPUR, NETRALNEWS.COM - Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has announced a National Recovery Plan, which is a gradual exit strategy from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The recovery plan is drawn up until December 2021.

"This plan is a carefully crafted guide based on data and science to allow us all to return to normal daily life or 'back to normalcy'," he said in a televised address on Tuesday (06/15/2021).

The recovery plan was drawn up taking into account the increase in vaccine supply by 16 million doses by the end of July, and the increase in the rate of vaccine administration which made Malaysia more confident to carry out the recovery plan.

"The National Recovery Plan strategy includes four phases and will involve a gradual transition plan for the PKP phase. Each phase is based on data based on three main threshold indicators to switch from one phase to the next," he said.

The first indicator is the number of daily COVID-19 transmissions. The second indicator is the rate of bed use in the ICU, while the third indicator is the population that has completely received two doses of vaccine injections.

"The government will consider transitioning from the first phase to the second phase of the Movement Control Order (PKP) in July and August after the average daily COVID-19 case drops below 4,000 cases, use of ICU beds is at a modest stage, and ten percent of the population has received two doses of vaccine injections," the Prime Minister said.

The second phase is a continuation of the first phase with social activities and PKP continues to be closely monitored.

"During the second phase, economic activity will be opened in stages by allowing worker capacity up to 80 percent for certain sectors, while social and cross-country (provincial) activities are still not allowed," he added.

The third phase of September and October involves a shift from a positive list approach to a negative list where all economic activities are allowed to operate, while activities with a high risk of COVID-19 transmission are still closed.

Furthermore, said Muhyiddin, the transition to the third phase is carried out if the daily cases of COVID-19 decline to below two thousand cases, ICU beds are sufficient, and 40 percent of the population has received two doses of vaccine injections. All economic sectors will be allowed to operate except those on the negative list, and economy will be allowed to operate at 80 percent capacity as in the second phase.

"I want to give a commitment that the parliamentary session may be held in this phase, which is around September or October by following strict SOPs," he said.

The third phase will be able to move to the fourth phase if it succeeds in bringing the daily average for COVID-19 to below 500, and 60 percent of the population has received two doses of the vaccine injection by the end of October 2021.

"The fourth phase is the last phase where we can return to the norms of daily life," he said, as reported by Antara.

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