Max Verstappen Crashes Out of British GP

Sunday, 18-July-2021 22:00

Red Bull F1 racer Max Verstappen
Red Bull F1 racer Max Verstappen

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Max Verstappen has to stop his race early at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone Circuit on Sunday (07/18), after he was involved in an incident with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton on the first lap.

The spectators that packed the Silverstone circuit that day were immediately entertained by the intense competition between Verstappen and Hamilton, who were fighting for position on the first lap.

Verstappen made good use of pole position, but Hamilton was able to go faster than the Red Bull car in front of him.

The duel between the two rivals reached its peak when Hamilton, who was trying to overtake, nudged Verstappen's right rear tire, causing the Red Bull driver to lose control and crash hard into the guardrail at the Copse corner, according to the official Formula 1 website on Sunday (07/18/2021).

The red flag was raised and the race was suspended. Verstappen got out of his car assisted by the marshals, and underwent a medical check while the other drivers returned to the pitstop.

George Russell started from P12 after being awarded a three-place grid penalty following a collision with Carlos Sainz in the sprint race on Saturday.

Sergio Perez had to start from the pit lane because Red Bull had to replace car components following an accident he experienced in the sprint race.

Heading to Silverstone, Verstappen has a 33-point lead over Hamilton in the drivers' standings after winning the sprint race on Saturday, as reported by Antara.

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