New Look Emojis are Introduced on World Emoji Day

Saturday, 17-July-2021 21:10

The new line of emojis
The new line of emojis

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - World Emoji Day is celebrated every July 17. Emojipedia, part of the Unicode Consortium, has announced a new line of emojis that will be coming to Android 12.

The operating system is currently still in beta phase. In a post on their blog, Emojipedia stated that the new emojis will be coming to Gmail, Google Chat, YouTube Live Chat, and Chrome OS this month.

The emoji changes in Android 12 include the mask emoji which will have open eyes to make it look neutral, unlike the mask emoji which looks sad or sick.

For the injection emoji, there is no more blood in the injection tube.

The hamburger emoji has also changed, as Google has previously misplaced cheese under the burger meat.

The emoji changes in Android 12 also apply to pies, which were previously just one slice, which now changes into a full pan.

The guitar emoji in Android 12 will be given more electric guitar details, including strings.

The prohibition emoji for ages 18 and under will be further clarified with the word under. The previous emoji was just the number 18 which was lined with red.

The teddy bear in Android 12 will be made darker and will have a yellow band around its neck.As for the ski emoji, from what was originally just a board and stick, it will have shoes on a board.

These new emojis will be rolling out starting this month, However, each brand of phone and device may have a different schedule, as reported by Antara.

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