Social Affairs Ministry Facilitates People with Disabilities in Obtaining ID Cards

Sunday, 01-August-2021 10:00

Social Affairs Ministry Facilitates People with Disabilities in Obtaining ID Cards
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Social Affairs Ministry Facilitates People with Disabilities in Obtaining ID Cards

PALU, NETRALNEWS.COM - As part of a vulnerable group, people with disabilities are often denied their rights. This is partly due to the difficulty of accessing services, lack of information, and discrimination against persons with disabilities.

In accordance with the direction of Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, 41 Technical Implementation Units (UPT) under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs are required to provide multifunctional services to respond to the problems of vulnerable groups.

As a form of commitment, the Ministry of Social Affairs, through Nipotowe Center in Palu, continues to make efforts to fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities through the ATENSI (Social Rehabilitation Assistance) program, one of which is recording population data.

A total of nine Beneficiary Recipients (PM) of Nipotowe Center in Palu received assistance from the center to record their population data in the form of Electronic Identification Card (e-KTP), Child Identity Cards (KIA), and Birth Certificate at the Population and Civil Registry Office of Palu City and Regency Sigi, Central Sulawesi Province.

"The PMs who are facilitated to record population data are the PMs who will soon complete the services at the office. They will receive various types of assistance in improving their social functioning," said Head of Nipotowe Center Syaiful Samad in Palu, on Sunday (08/01/2021).

Having an e-KTP is very important to access all government services. In disbursing ATENSI assistance distributed through Bank Mandiri, PMs must have an e-KTP in order to open a bank account.

"We are trying to ensure that all PMs have e-KTPs and are registered in the DTKS (Social Welfare Integrated Data)," said Syaiful.

Tri Suganda, one of the people with intellectual disabilities in Sigi Regency, said he was happy to have an e-KTP. "The process is fast and free. I find it helpful," he said.

Mardin, the parent of Wahyu, a beneficiary who was also present at the e-KTP data recording, felt the same way. Mardin is grateful that Nipotowe Center has provides comprehensive services to Wahyu, including accommodating population data recording.

"I thank the Nipotowe Center which helped with the e-KTP administration, as well as the Civil Registry Office which provided convenience in its services," said Mardin.

The Residential-Based ATENSI Program at Nipotowe Center in Palu has served 46 people with disabilities. Until now, as many as 10 people are still participating in activities in the center.

Recording population data for PMs is a general policy of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The UPTs of the Ministry of Social Affairs throughout the country carry out this task, to ensure that the poor have access to government assistance.

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