Social Affairs Ministry Sends Tagana Team, LDP and Aid for Nias Flood Survivors

Wednesday, 18-August-2021 17:00

Social Affairs Ministry Sends Tagana Team, LDP and Aid for Nias Flood Survivors
Image : Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs
Social Affairs Ministry Sends Tagana Team, LDP and Aid for Nias Flood Survivors

NIAS, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has instructed her staff to respond quickly to the flood disaster in North Nias Regency, North Sumatra Province. Following the directive of the Minister of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Social Affairs at the disaster site immediately took action, such as the Disaster Preparedness Team (Tagana) who carried out emergency response operations since the beginning of the disaster.

The Minister of Social Affairs expressed sympathy and prayed for the people of North Nias to gain strength and patience in overcoming the flood disaster.

"I have also ordered logistical assistance to be sent to the flood survivors. I am sorry for this incident, I hope our brothers and sisters in Nias will be patient, and hopefully the condition will recover soon," said the Minister of Social Affairs in Jakarta, on Wednesday (08/18/2021).

In carrying out emergency response operations, Tagana coordinates with the Social Services Office, volunteers, and related elements. Through synergy, Tagana participated in evacuating and assessing disaster victims, as well as rescuing victims from unsafe conditions to safer places.

Through the Directorate General of Social Protection and Security, logistical assistance for emergency response has been distributed to flood victims in North Nias Regency in the form of 900 packages of ready-to-eat food, 420 packages of children's food, 200 sheets of bed sheets, 150 sheets of mattresses, 300 sheets of blankets, 300 packages of family kits, 100 packs of kidswear, and 100 packs of footwear.

"The total aid is worth IDR433,747,420. I hope that the assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs can reduce some of the burden on the affected communities," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

At the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs, two Technical Service Units (UPT) of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Medan, namely Bahagia Center and Insyaf Center, dispatched teams to disaster locations and distributed aid.

Right on the 76th Independence Day of Indonesia, Bahagia Center Medan brought the medicines needed to the Awa'ai Village Refugee Post. The medicine were handed over directly by the Head of Bahagia Center in Medan, Lyana Siregar, to the Head of the UPTD Awa'ai Health Center, Dewi Rini Astuti, witnessed by representatives of the Social Service and Health Service Post at the location.

"With these medicines, it is hoped that it can help from the medical aspect and help local residents," said Lyana Siregar.

In addition, Bahagia Center Medan also conducted Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) by inviting children to sing and doing defusing techniques or story sessions with several adult refugees.

Besides singing together, the Bahagia Center LDP team also distributed snacks, which of course made them enthusiastic and cheerful. The Bahagia Center Medan team arrived at the location on Monday, August 16, 2021, to distribute aid.

Assistance in the form of 200 kg of rice, 4 boxes of canned food, 22 boards of eggs, 30 boxes of instant noodles, 20 packs of salt, 20 kg of sugar, 20 packs of sanitary napkins, 3 packs of noodles, 8 boxes of mineral water, 25 boxes of tea and 108 liters of cooking oil were prepared with the hope of meeting the needs of the victims during the evacuation.

Hand in hand, Insyaf Center Medan also provided LDP by holding group dynamics activities, sharing circles and motivation groups.

"Through the LDP, it is hoped that the people of North Nias Regency can return to their enthusiasm to continue living," said Head of Insyaf Center Ahd. Sulaiman.

During the assessment activities, the local communities also expressed their hope for assistance from the government regarding the livelihoods of those who were swept away. Most of the people work as farmers, livestock raising, traders, tailors.

Insyaf Center Medan distributed eight boxes/cardboards of ready-to-eat food buffer stocks. In addition, attention assistance was also distributed in the form of 600 kg of rice, 60 boxes of instant noodles, 60 chicken eggs, 120 liters of cooking oil, and 120 cans of sardines.

Flood hit North Nias on August 14, 2021, and inundated 11 sub-districts in the area and affected at least 1,500 people.

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